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As a first-time guest at Doña Terecua’s Recipes we have a standard Beginners Menu – which is Menu 1. This option was created as a result of every Aussie’s favourite Mexican dish being tacos!

But at our place, you’ll learn the “real way” to cook tacos – not the way Aussie’s have come to know them as. You’ll also learn how to prepare traditional side-dishes served with almost every meal in Mexico.

After you’ve joined us in Redcliffe for your first Mexican cooking class, you can choose from my other Menus to learn next time.

Menu 1 Chicken tacos

Every body has heard about tacos and have probably tasted many versions of them.

When you come to Mexican Cooking Lessons with me, you’ll learn how to cook crispy Chicken Tacos.

Plus you’ll learn how to make authentic Salsa including my tips to give it a special touch. And of course you’ll also learn to make authentic Guacamole.

This is a perfect combination of food with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.
Don’t eat meat? Let me know at the time of booking, so I can prepare potato tacos – also very popular in México.

MENU 2 Enchiladas

Enchiladas Rojas are made with tortillas, chicken and tomato sauce.

Enchiladas de Mole are made with Tortillas, chicken and mole which is like a Mexican Curry. It’s not very spicy, but is made with many ingredients including different dry chillies and chocolate.

Enchiladas are always served with sour cream, cheese and onion.

Don’t eat meat? Let me know at the time of booking, so I can prepare it with potatoes instead for vegetarian people.


Menu 3 Avocado Soup and Ceviche

This is the ideal menu for Summer cooking lessons at Doña Terecua’s Receipes as both dishes are served at room temperature.

The Ceviche can be done with prawns or fish – making it a dish that once you learn to make, you can continue experimenting  with at home.

MENU 4 aztec cake

This is a dish that is similar to the popular Italian Lasagna, in that it’s made of layers.

Being Mexican – that means layers of tortillas. The dish is prepared of chicken and vegetables and can easily be done with meat or as a vegetarian dish.

In Mexico we serve it with salad, which we’ll also learn to make.

Menu 5 TingA de pollo

This dish is my speciality! Often my Mexican friends ask me to  bring this as my dish for our get-togethers.

Tinga can be made with chicken or beef. The main ingredient that makes it unique is Chipotle Chilli. This is chilli in adobo (similar to a marinade) that gives it a smoky flavour.

It is easy to make and is a dish that tastes great as left overs. A menu great to learn to be able to cook at home, just to be able to prepare it the day before or double the amount for dinner tomorrow.

A good dish to combine with rice and guacamole.

MENU 6 PozÓle

Pozóle one of the most traditional dishes in México. Although we eat it all year round, it’s eaten most in September to celebrate our Independence Day (Independence from Spain).

This is a stew with chicken or pork and one of the varieties of corn we have in Mexico. And it’s another dish that tastes better the next day.
Once served we add lettuce, radish onion and lemon which gives a touch of freshness.

This dish is eatten with tostadas.

Menu 7 salpicÓn

This dish is a salad of beef with potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and a basic vinaigrette excellent for tacos. Garnished with avocado and cheese.

This dish can be eaten all year along but it is great in Summer.

We make soft tacos with the salad and is great as a the dish for a buffet. It is a great combination of beef, vegetables and carbohydrates!

Served with some rice and refried beans.


In Mexico we eat eggs in many different ways. For Brunch we like to eat Huevos Ahogados.

If you want to come to try something you may have never taste before, this is a dish of eggs in a tomato sauce with nopales (a cactus type that we eat).

Usually it’s served with refried beans and eaten with tortillas.

If you’d like to book a Mexican cooking lesson at Gaby’s Hacienda in the morning, then this is the tasty brunch menu you’ll learn.


Purchase your own Comal. This traditional Mexican cooking plate is exactly what you need to cook your own tortillas at home. 

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